Onward to CAPE TOWN!


I'm out of my mind excited about my upcoming trip to South Africa. When recently presented with the opportunity to visit my sister at the end of her 3 month externship in Zimbabwe, I admit I was pretty hesitant. She gave me about 9 days notice and 48 hours to make a decision. After a solid day of ping-ponging in my brain, I finally pressed PURCHASE. As of this morning, I'm the proud owner of a shiny new plane ticket sending me half way around the world. Admittedly, my nerves and excitement will hardly let me sit still, but I have no doubt it'll be a trip of a lifetime. 

We're still planning our trip. Do you have any recommendations of places to visit? Things to do? Animals to see? We're currently tossing around the ideas to swim with the sharks, go on a safari lite (aka game drive), scope out the penguins and whales, and sip some local wines.  My flight departs Sunday. Wish us a bon voyage, safe travels, and good health!

Images: Cape Town, Zebra Bottoms, Tribal Decorations, Hammerhead Shark, Africa Passport Cutout (me)