Buddhist Monks in Ojai & The Dalai Lama


Photos taken on our "minimoon" after getting married back in July 2013. My hubz and I had the unique experience of staying at a house in Ojai, CA that was (coincidentally) also hosting a group of Tibetan Buddhist Monks on a trip around America. Each morning the monks chanted the most soothing prayers in a peaceful room in the estate (photographed above). Visiting with the monks was a pretty special and unexpected turn of events which Manoj and I took as a good omen for our marriage. I recently also had a chance to see the Dalai Lama speak right here in San Francisco. His words were filled with joy and his points were undeniable. One thing his holiness said (to paraphrase) - we shouldn't necessarily strive for world peace, but rather peace within ourselves; once achieved, the former will follow.   

Two incredible experiences that won't soon be forgotten.